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From William Kuhn <>
Subject Re: cocoon install question
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2000 05:09:13 GMT

Thanks for the help.  I didn't realize that this wasn't the right
mailing list.  I guess in my mind my questions were cocoon related, but
as I got to the heart of the problems they turned out to be java and
jserv/apache related.  Another member of this list already responded
similarly with respect to my java related question.  Not that it matters
now, but I'm running sun's jdk1.2.2. :-)

Your Action/AddHandler suggestion worked perfectly.  Thanks.

Thanks for your assistance and sorry again to you and other members of
the list for introducing and irrelevant post.

Donald Ball wrote:
> On Mon, 14 Feb 2000, William Kuhn wrote:
> > In the meantime I managed to figure out that one problem was that cocoon
> > was complaining about not enough memory.  I'm running it on rh6.1.  I
> > read the documentation that addressed this condition and was even more
> > confused.  It said the preferred method of solving this problem is to
> > pass command line options to the java interpreter.  I tracked down the
> > correct property in one of the jserv configuration files, but prior to
> > adding the options (-Xms and -Xmx) I figured I'd try the options on the
> > command line.  I'm not sure what units the memory are to be given in
> > (bytes, kb, or mb??) so I tried sensible options for all three with no
> > success.  What I mean by sensible is that the minimum initial (-Xms)
> > needs to be less than the max (-Xmx).  In all cases, however, I received
> > an error message that said that the minimum must be less than the
> > maximum which didn't make any sense since I had set the minimum less
> > than the maximum.
> These parameters are JVM specific. You don't say in this post what JVM
> you're using, nor is this necessary the appropriate forum for such
> questions. You will almost certainly have better luck going through the
> docs for your JVM or posting to a list for your JVM. That being said,
> however, if you're using JDK-1.2.x for Linux, you can type:
> java -X
> for a list of nonstandard options. Likely you want something like this:
> java -Xms16m -Xmx64m
> minimum 16m, maximum 64m.
> > So, then I tried to *increase* the memory in to 2x10^6
> > (from the default of 2x10^5) and that didn't help.  Reading the
> > documentation a little further it appeared that *decreasing* this
> > setting might help get cocoon working (albeit not optimally) so I
> > dropped it to 2000.  Cocoon seemed to work then.  I'm not satisfied with
> > this approach and would like some advice on how to set up cocoon
> > properly for production use.  Any help would be appreciated.
> The store.memory property apparantly is just a sanity check - it's the
> number of bytes that must be free what cocoon starts or else there's a
> good chance that we'll run out of memory at some point. I think this is an
> ugly hack, myself. Upping the maximum amount of memory allowed for your
> JVM should help.
> > Okay, so now cocoon is running but when I request .xml documents my web
> > server returns the .xml file rather than passing the request to the
> > cocoon servlet.  I followed the instructions and added the ApJservAction
> > line to jserv.conf.  I saw mention on a message board that Action and
> > AddHandler could somehow be used to overcome this problem, but what I
> > read didn't give specifics.  I could use any help I can get.  The only
> > way I can run cocoon currently is to request (for example)
> > http://localhost/servlets/cocoon/somepath/somefile.xml.
> in your .htaccess files:
> Action cocoonparse /servlets/cocoon
> AddHandler cocoonparser .xml
> That's what I use. More questions regarding this likely oughta be taken to
> the apache-jserv-users list - you'll get faster better answers. :)
> - donald

Bill Kuhn
Coordinator of Computer Applications
Division of Biostatistics
University of Florida
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