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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: XML Query language
Date Mon, 14 Feb 2000 20:16:28 GMT
Darren Scott wrote:
> Hello members,
> Glad to join the list. I've been keeping my eye on Cocoon since it's
> launch (at the time, I was formulating something similar, but dropped it
> to save replicating the good work already done by the Apache team), and
> I have just decided it's time to start to seriously look at revamping
> our content delivery model ala XSL/XML.
> Cocoon's come quite a way already, and things are looking even better
> with Cocoon 2!
> I have a question - does Cocoon support some sort of query language like
> XPath or XQL for selecting sub-trees of the XML source via the URL. (I
> beleive XQL was designed to be usable in the resource part of a URL).
> Specifically, I have an XML doc with multiple language translations,
> which I would like to render using the same XSL document using something
> like:

I would strongly discouradge the implementation of such a addressing
space. URLs are contracts and they should not change nor include
information that trigger some dynamic content processing on the server

As far as localization goes, a getter way to do it would be to clone
apache functionalities on this side... but you need a sitemap for
that... which means you need Cocoon2 functionalities.

> If such support isn't already there, I'd be happy to do some
> implementation since I think it would be a powerful feature to have -
> the alternatives I've looked at to acheive the same effect in Cocoon
> without querying seemed messy.

In Cocoon 1.x? Totally agreed. But once you have a sitemap in place, I
see much better ways of doing things like these....

At the end, more and more people think at XML as a data-storage
facility. And XPath as a good way of replacing queries and get a hold on
the required data. Also, some want to add Persistent-DOM capabilities to
totally eliminate database requirements...

Well, this is _exactly_ one scary thing about XML: it's too flexible.
Many don't see (yet!) the problems that lay ahead.

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