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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Installing Cocoon [was Re: Documentation update]
Date Sun, 13 Feb 2000 22:29:39 GMT
Zeljko Trogrlic wrote:
> >since _many_ think that installing Cocoon is a pain in the ass (I'm the
> >first one of them!), we'll try to make it easier.
> Hello,
>     * I would like to make a few suggestions:
>     * In documentation, explain how to test Cocoon installation - what to type
>     in browser, include some demo Java code etc. Xalan is a good example of
>     that. Add typical error messages and solutions.

Good point, I might do it.

>     * In documentation, replace big table with both obligatory and optional
>     packages with something simpler. Write that you always need parser and
>     transformer and include links (I think links already there). Put stuff
>     specific to some functions separately

Even better. I removed it.

>     * I tested Cocoon with info page, but it needs FOP, and documentation says
>     it's optional. I think it's a very basic function and FOP should be
>     obligatory.

Fixed it. FOP is now obligatory.

>     * Add instruction for more servlet runners, like JSDK
>     what's-the-lowest-version and above, ServletExec and JRun.

Read the page: help is appreciated. I can't possibly control all
different servlet engines. I expect others to contribute installation
instructions for those systems and some came in. The problem is keeping
them up to date.

>     * Add instruction for IDE's, how to use Cocoon as servlet and how to
> call it
>     directly.

What? C'mon, cocoon is a servlet.. your ide should tell you what to do
with servlets, not us.

>     * Make naming conventions for different jar content. Use it for all Apache
>     packages (FOP use different one)

>     * Use standard directory names for XML and HTML docs for all xml.apache
>     stuff and put it on some visible place. This is specific because both XML
>     and HTML versions are included.

I've proposed a guideline for this but if there's one hard thing is to
make people agree on religious things like names...

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