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From William Kuhn <>
Subject installation question(s)
Date Sat, 12 Feb 2000 16:52:08 GMT
Forgive the post, but when I tried to reach the archive this morning the
server wouldn't respond.

I have followed the installation instructions for cocoon, but I am
unable to get it working.  I am attempting to get it running using
apache jserv.

I have created a directory /usr/local/lib/java and placed the following
files in it:

In some cases, I obtained the above files by unpacking the .jar archives
that I downloaded.  Was that the right thing to do?  In other cases, the
.jar archive I downloaded seemed to be the correct jar file to add
directly to the class path.  The instructions didn't address this so I
took a guess...

I followed the instructions to add these to jserv's classpath using the
wrapper.classpath directive.

I uncommented the line in jserv.conf corresponding to the ApJservAction
associated with handling .xml files.

I restarted apache and it started without problems.  I assumed that
restarting apache would restart jserv since it is an apache module.  Is
this assumption correct?

Then the instructions said I could request /Cocoon.xml and receive
cocoon's internal status.  I didn't.

I couldn't figure out where the samples were supposed to be located.  I
am using redhat and the default documentroot is /home/httpd/html.  Are
the samples supposed to go in the document root space?  Or are they
supposed to go in some other space?

I appreciate the free software and I'd be willing to help refine/improve
the installation instructions if the author is interested.  There seem
to be a few steps missing (as I identified above) that would be helpful
to unknowledgeable users.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Bill Kuhn
Coordinator of Computer Applications
Division of Biostatistics
University of Florida
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