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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Installing Cocoon [was Re: Documentation update]
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2000 18:48:51 GMT
Mike Engelhart wrote:
> Brett McLaughlin wrote:
> > Guys-
> > >
> > * Moved instructions to put tools.jar in your classpath _above_ running
> > bootstrap for Ant, since Ant requires it as well.
> > * Removed listing to get Sun Project X, since it is in classpath as part
> > of Ant instructions
> > * Updated location of Servlet API 2.2, since you have to get it with
> > jakarta-tomcat now.
> > * Added complete list of actual jar files that should be in the
> > classpath.  This helps the novice not do things like put (which
> > contains xt.jar) in their classpath and get frustrated when things don't
> > work.
> >
> > Could someone please commit this thing?  It works as of today, Cocoon
> > 1.6.2, latest and greatest src builds with these instructions.  Thanks.
> >
> > -Brett
> > Index: build.xml
> I was just thinking about the ease of building/installing cocoon and
> wondering that maybe we could have available for download a mega-jar of all
> needed classes (assuming license restrictions don't get in the way).  I
> mean, there's xalan, xerces, ant, FOP, fesi, gnuregex, JSDK and of course
> Cocoon all open source licensed which comprises the standard required
> downloads. I think this would take a lot of confusion out of the install for
> beginners and make it a hell of lot easier to upgrade to a new version when
> one is released?  I guess we'd have to test the combination but even if it's
> just the standard latest releases, that would probably take care of the
> majority of folks.


since _many_ think that installing Cocoon is a pain in the ass (I'm the
first one of them!), we'll try to make it easier.

This means:

1) DCP will be removed from main distribution in Cocoon 1.7: for those
who still need DCP, we'll provide an external package. (so FESI
requirement is gone)
2) MapProducer will be removed too as above (so gnuregex is gone)
(anyway, is anybody using it?)
3) there will be a new distribution that will include

 - Cocoon
 - Xerces
 - Xalan
 - FOP
 - Ant
 - Servlet API 2.2

(the other optional packages are left to download if wanted)

Now, how do we do this in order to simplify both installation and futher
evolution? Alternatives are:

1) cocoon-<version>.jar includes both docs/samples and class files in
the right place so it can be installed by simply dropping it in your
classpath up front. Cocoon could also work out with the samples directly
from the classpath and also serve documentations.

2) cocoon-<version>.zip and cocoon-<version>.tar.gz (I'd need a
volunteer for the tar.gz distro, Donald?). Flavors could be:

 a) one big jar file with everything inside
 b) a dir with all the jar packages and their version (might simplify
evolution in case one wants to upgrade the module without upgrading
cocoon, allows better parallelization of development)
 c) ???

3) come up with your own way of installing Cocoon, we are all very open
to any kind of suggestions to make this process easy (use a java
installer? which one? is it free? how does it work with servlets?)

Anyway, if you think Cocoon is painful to install, please, help us
making it easier.

Thank you.

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                          able to give birth to a dancing star.
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