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From Phil Lanch <>
Subject Re: xml AND xsl passthrough
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2000 13:16:59 GMT
Matthew Cline wrote:
> After upgrading to Cocoon 1.6, my XML pages were simply being passed
> through by Cocoon, as described by Ed Knutson in the message
> "Apparent XSLT passthrough".  I attempted doing what several people
> suggested, adding <?cocoon-process type="xslt"?> to the XML file,
> but this only causes the XSL file to be passed through to the
> web browser, rather than the XML file; not much of an improvement.
> What might I be doing wrong?

the XSLT namespace you're using-

> <xsl:stylesheet
>   xmlns:xsl=""
>   xmlns=""
>   result-ns=""
> >

-is obsolete - the W3C changed it (sometime before XSLT became a
recommendation) to-


-& Cocoon 1.6 is now up to date.  since the XSLT processor didn't
recognize the namespace, it interpreted all xsl: elements as literal
result elements.




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