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From montefin <>
Subject Still no cocoon.jar, guys
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2000 01:13:00 GMT
First of all, thanks for your responses to my question. This is a good
group and I'd hate to belabor it with what seems utterly dumb on my
part, but here goes...

First, just in case it matters, I downloaded the Cocoon-1.6.1.jar file
into a Linux environment.

Originally, I did jar -xvf on the archive which supposedly works more or
less like tar -xvf on a tarball. I got an expanded directory called
cocoon-1.6.1 with a bin subdirectory that had a file called Cocoon.jar
in it.

Ok, I knew there was supposed to be a cocoon.jar file somewhere so I did
jar -xvf on that file also and got an expanded directory with a
subdirectory called org which began the standard path of
org/apache/cocoon that we're all familiar with.

I updatedb'd, which in unix updates the file system tracking data base,
and did a locate on the entire system for cocoon.jar and found nothing
except the cocoon.jar that exists on my Exeter installation on another
server which is ported differently.

I grep'ed, the entire cocoon-1.6.1 directory system for a cocoon.jar
file too with no success.

I also used ant in the cocoon-1.6.1 directory to build a dist of
Cocoon., The build seemed to go ok except for 2 deprecation warnings.
In any event there was no cocoon.jar file in that build either.

I applied the advice given here and went back and did the same things
using unzip and got the same results: no file labeled cocoon.jar, only

Because of a section in the install documentation, I at first thought
the Cocoon.jar file could be used as a target. That section reads
(pasting here):

"Here is an example:







                        from this version of Cocoon the Cocoon.jar
package should be added to the servlet engine classpath as any other
required package (as shown above). "

But from comments I've seen posted here, it seems the lower case file,
cocoon.jar, is essential, and since I'm still having problems getting
Cocoon to parse it's own samples and examples, but not oddly enough
.class and .xml files created here, I suppose it is essential.

Just as a sidelight, the jar -xvf procedure did result in xerces.jar and
xalan.jar files, but now I'm concerned that though labeled correctly
those files too may not be operative or fully operative.

So, do I scrap the whole thing and start over...or look for an rpm from
Red Hat, or give up and let Exeter's Cocoon engine do what it does so
seamlessly on my other Apache server?

I'd really like to make this version of Cocoon work as I am evaluating
it for use in an enterprise E-commerce suite vis a vis Exeter. Zope and
php3 which I have working here just fine, each on its own server. Those
softwares had their own installation challenges, but nothing of this

If anyone could help me just get over these inital roadblocks, I'd
really appreciate it.



Rick Tyler wrote:

> > Where is cocoon.jar? The one with the small "c".
> I too had the same problem when I first attempted
> to download and run Cocoon.
> The confusion stems from the fact a .jar file has
> essentially the same structure as a .zip file
> (which was unknown to me when I started playing
> around with this stuff) and someone at the Apache
> project thought it was clever to start naming
> the binary distributions with the .jar, instead
> of .zip, extension.
> The problem with this cleverness is that the
> natural assumption of a newcomer is to assume that
> the .jar found in the download directory is the same
> .jar needed by the class loader.
> So, to answer your question, use WinZip to extract
> the contents of the Cocoon.jar which you downloaded
> and you will find the cocoon.jar you are looking for.
> I would argue that this convention of naming binary
> distributions with the .zip extension, while quite
> clever, is inherently confusing and that .jar should
> only be used for files intended as targets for the
> Java class loader.
> Just my 2 cents - it would have saved me half a day
> of spinning my wheels and wasting the bandwidth of
> this mailing list.
> - RT
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