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From Rick Tyler <>
Subject Re: cocoon.jar?
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2000 21:46:56 GMT
> Where is cocoon.jar? The one with the small "c".

I too had the same problem when I first attempted
to download and run Cocoon.

The confusion stems from the fact a .jar file has
essentially the same structure as a .zip file
(which was unknown to me when I started playing
around with this stuff) and someone at the Apache
project thought it was clever to start naming
the binary distributions with the .jar, instead
of .zip, extension.

The problem with this cleverness is that the
natural assumption of a newcomer is to assume that
the .jar found in the download directory is the same
.jar needed by the class loader.

So, to answer your question, use WinZip to extract
the contents of the Cocoon.jar which you downloaded
and you will find the cocoon.jar you are looking for.

I would argue that this convention of naming binary
distributions with the .zip extension, while quite
clever, is inherently confusing and that .jar should
only be used for files intended as targets for the
Java class loader.

Just my 2 cents - it would have saved me half a day
of spinning my wheels and wasting the bandwidth of
this mailing list.

- RT

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