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From Roman Seidl <>
Subject Re[2]: sorry
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2000 18:13:33 GMT
Hello Mike,

Wednesday, February 16, 2000, 6:58:45 PM, you wrote:

ME> If you don't want anything to rely on servlets than you'll have to create
ME> your own session mechanism as Cocoon does not have any way to keep state.
ME> But this begs me to ask why you're using Cocoon if you don't want to rely on
ME> servlets?? Cocoon IS a servlet.

I know. I want to rely on servlet technology regarding wap or http -
but there might be more - well maybe you are right - maybe my ambition
to use as much abstraction as possible is a bit too much.

I have an existing groupware application that provides several services
like workspaces, email, user rights, voting etc. . The core is acessed
via corba - you just create a user session and ask for the information
you want or call a function. I have been thinking of using xml for
a month now and im still not sure what design approach to use. using
cocoon still seems like a good idea to me - but theres several
problems concerning cocoon:
- i have to have a persistent session (no problem in a producer but im
  not sure wether i want to use a producer for the buisness logic)
- i have to serve binary data like files uploaded by users, voice
  messages or bitmaps

Roman Seidl

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