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From "Laurent Eskenazi" <>
Subject Re: Benchmark
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2000 09:56:10 GMT
> For strictly un-cached dynamic pages, that's actually quite a bit faster
> than I'd have expected from cocoon. Cocoon has to read and parse two
> files, run a complex processor, and then spit output; static apache just
> has to read a file and spit output. I think a 4x differential is
> astonishing and probably indicates that you've got a simple stylesheet. :)

Right ! Very simple.

> If you're hell-bent on speed though, the best way to speed it up at this
> point would be to turn on the cache and then go help Pier with cocoon2
> (which uses SAX internally and should help a bit).

I didn't see any difference on dynamic pages with the cache on...does it
really help ?

What's the status of Cocoon there a timeframe for its developpement ?
Unfortunately, I'm quite busy these days and I won't be able to work on it
=+( Good luck to him anyway!


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