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From "Mark Washeim" <>
Subject Re: XML Query language
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2000 12:44:20 GMT
>> > Could a layout-driven document generation help, along with some visual
>> > tools?
>> >
>> We're headed toward SCHEMA driven document creation THROUGH visual tools
>> which are 'instantiated' from a BASE schema for a document collection
>> wide schema). Imagine,
>> 1. Parse base schema, display available 'whole' documents (tricky, I
>> 2. Select derivation of choice (ie. humanResources/en/ )
>> 3. Generate NEW document on the basis of schema (first trial, simply
>> the schema to a form. Problems: XOR elements, attributes. Forms suck.)
>> 4. To storage 'humanResources/en/2000/datestamp' or something the like.
>> In this example, we preserve schema and 'instance' specific information.
>> Eventually, the gui must be flexible enough to permit treating the more
>> complex element compositions.
>People, watch out, sounds like we found another crazy guy :)

Crazy is about right! What we'll donate back to the apache project will
probably be swing applet based, simply because the forms approach is so

The way the forms approach is working out is, more or less:
Traverse to Archetype. Generate HTML form per archetype.
Element refs Traverse to next Archetype.
Element value input's generated for form.

Leads to a gradual view of the whole document. and has many obvious
Does, however, allow us to traverse the schema methodically.

We've started on and applet (inspired by the xerces dist. Tree traversal ui
examples). It'll include basic document management. That's the final goal,
though our one concern is weight (ie, loading an applet dependant of a 700+
kb jar file (xerces)).

When we've got something worth looking at, I'll post links to the list for

>Anyway, I see your direction and seems a very good one. If just I could
>talk with you on with a  whiteboard up front...
>BTW, are you coming to ApacheCON? you should!

I wish I had the time! I'm in the middle of two large projects.

Have fun you lucky few!

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