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From "Ross Burton" <>
Subject Re: WEIRD Error
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2000 12:35:25 GMT
> Wow. Three suggestions:
> 1. upgrade glibc
> 2. upgrade kernel
> 3. report JVM bug

Fixed it!  Silly problem - the Cocoon/Xerces/Xalan packages were in the zone
repository, but not in wrapper.classpath.  Why it should partially work I
don't know, but I thought the repository was a classpath local to that zone.
Obviously there is a bug/feature/misconception somewhere.  I've put all of
the packages in wrapper.classpath and it works fine.

I then build 1.7-dev and that works really well, especially with the Inprise
JIT from JBuilder ( sample site in 201 ms on a PIII 550)  I
think I'll checkout cocoon-2 and see how that that goes...

Ross Burton

"Thirty days with a crew of viral masochists and a ship that thinks it's a
cuddly toy."
 - Diziet Embless Sma, 'Use of Weapons' - Iain M. Banks

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