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From "Laurent Eskenazi" <>
Subject XObject
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2000 16:37:05 GMT

I've got a few java classes I want to include in a cocoon project. There are
several hundred lines of code so I want to keep these out of the xml/xsp
files and just want to instantiate and call methods in the xml/xsp files.

 I wandered around and found the XObject interface wich seems to suit me. It
is stated that "This interface must be implemented by classes willing to
provide an XML representation of their current state", and that's exactly
what I want to do.

So I implemented this interface for one of my object, but I only did the
toSax() method leaving every thing else empty. And nothing happened =+(

After looking in Cocoon source code, I understood that the toSAX() method
wasn't currently used. So I'm now ready to re-do the job using the toDOM()
method. But is this the good way ? I have very few information about the
XObject class. Is there a place where I could find informations about this
class ? Has anybody some samples I could study ?

Thanks per advance


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