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From "Ross Burton" <>
Subject Stylebook to XSL:FO stylesheet
Date Sat, 12 Feb 2000 16:30:36 GMT

Attached is my first draft at a Stylebook to XSL:FO stylesheet.  There are
several "features":

* tables are not handled yet - I haven't dared look at FO tables in detail
* <code> blocks do not have a border, although they should really (FOP
seemingly ignores it)
* <note> blocks do not have a cute "Note" image
* margins need to be tuned.
* I'm not sure if widows and orphans are working
* For some reason FOP doesn't like "page-inside" and "page-outside" as
text-align properties, so it doesn't work well double-sided.  I may make 2
stylesheets, one for double-sided printing and one for single-sided.

I use this stylesheet in Cocoon to transform stylebook XML files to PDFs.
This does mean modifying the XML file though, to reference the stylesheet.
Once Pier has finished merging Cocoon and Stylebook, I'll rework the
stylesheet and write some docs on using it.

All comments and criticism welcome, any help with XSL:FO is especially
welcome as this is my first FO document.

Ross Burton
IT'z Interactive

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