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From "Ed Knutson" <>
Subject Re: XML Query language & Site Skins
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2000 00:19:06 GMT
> But careful: Cocoon is not the solution for everybody. I do see the need
> for HTML and Cocoon will provide some HTML -> XML adapters (using JTidy)
> that would allow you to strip style from HTML and use them as content
> containers... then apply your site styles using XSLT.

I am in that exact situation.  However, because my site does not use much
style outside the body tag except for <font> and has a consistent, table
layout, I am developing a class to be used by XSP which will find the cell
in the table that customarily contains the content and return it verbatim as
text.  I also have the luxury, for now, to assume that every request will be
for HTML.

The question is, how do you use your site styles on generic HTML?  XSL seems
to rely on templates which match certain tags.  If all I had was "raw"
XHTML, my stylesheet would append it, unformatted, at the end of an
"apply-templates" term.

The least complicated solution I see is an "intelligent" processor which
would attempt to assign site-defined tag names to block level elements
according to rules defined in an auxiliary XML file.  Anyone up for a little


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