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From Michael Engelhart <>
Subject XML, XSL & i18n
Date Fri, 14 Jan 2000 18:29:05 GMT
Hi -

I currently have an Java servlet application that I'm moving to Cocoon. This
application uses the servlet API's getLocale() method to figure out what
language to display the page in. I use ResourceBundles to store my language
information and everything works using JSP/Servlet combination because I can
write code in my JSP (which i'm trying to avoid!).  My question is how would
I do this with XML/XSL/cocoon.  I have tried a lame hack where I put a
<MESSAGE></MESSAGE> element in my XML  but this defeats the point of
separating data from style.   The messages don't have anything to do with
the data, mostly just HTML labels for fields, etc.  Any ideas on how to go
about this. Does XSL allow some kind of programmatic transformation along
the lines of ResourceBundles?  if not does anyone have any ideas on a good
way to go about handling this?  I guess XSP will solve this but I don't have
that on my system.  BTW when is v1.6 of cocoon due to be released?



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