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From Michael Engelhart <>
Subject Questions & Confused
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2000 16:08:22 GMT
Many of my questions are in relation to the upcoming changes to Cocoon and
my desire to not have to reinvent the wheel when Cocoon 2 comes out.  For
example, it appears that curent CVS snapshot has a lot of features (at least
in source) that are slated for Cocoon 2.  Is v1.6 the first version to break
away from the v1.x design patterns?

OK - some more questions.

1) Moving Forward: I'm assuming Producers aren't going away so for dynamiac
content, is this still a viable and forward moving option?  From the v2
paper, it seems that XSP's will be compiled into producers??

2) Shared Objects:  As Stefano pointed out to me, the current CVS snapshot
allows access to the ServletContext.  This is nice for ease of use in
porting, but seems bizarre since Producers and other Cocoon objects aren't
really servlets.  How are other people doing things like database connection
pools.  I need my Producers to access shared resources.  It's trivial to
port my share object singleton's to implement Configurable, etc, but if
someone could give me a real world sample code of how to instantiate these
shared resources from within the Cocoon framework (including what, if any, need to be set), please forward it to me.  What I would
like to do is have Cocoon add my singleton shared objects to a Manager class
and then be able to do this from within my Producer:
ConnectionBroker broker = SomeManager.getActor("dbpool"); //this wouldn't be
a static method call
Connection broker.getConnection();
Not sure how to go about that and also not sure if I'm not understsanding
the design pattern.

3)  Helping out:  I really would like (since this is the area I'm having
much trouble with locating) to help write some documentation including
cleaning up the English in the original docs (no offense to those who don't
speak English as a first language but there are lot of grammatical/spelling
errors) in the current stuff.  I don't have much experience with CVS, but I
downloaded a client for my OS.  Is it as easy as checking out the current
snapshot and adding to the documentation section?

Just FYI, a decent search engine for archived Cocoon (as well as a ton of
other lists) I found is at:



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