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From Ricky Szeto <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Question...
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2000 22:47:07 GMT
Hmm... maybe a better question to ask is this..

Are producers created once and used over and over again for all? or are
they just throw-away objects that are disgarded after the execution of
the request?

What I originally assumed, was that the producers are kept and reused.
That is why I wanted to have it get a properties list to know where to
load up action handler classes(non-producers) that it can delegate
operations to instead of doing them all by itself or having several
producers doing these jobs. If producers where throw-away objects, then
this design would be very undesireable, as a producer would be loading
several action handlers for each request(while only using 1 of them) and
then being discarded after the request is fulfilled.

Any thoughts?

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