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From Nathan Pride <>
Subject Re: XLink ? Embedding Documents
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2000 20:38:19 GMT
Thanks for the help Stefano,

Here is the problem I'm trying to solve, I have thousands of xml documents
(two DTD's, a document and an RDF) I would like to bind a given xsl style
sheet to a document or a collection of documents, I do not have the luxury
of modifying the original document to include the style sheet and processing

My ENTITY hack attempt was close but failed.

A producer with a stylesheet argument didn't strike me as a particularly
elegant solution, and I don't know how this would work with the caching. By
using the producer I don't see how I could combine the information from the
document and it's corresponding rdf.

I don't know if or how I could use DCP to achieve the same results.

I feel I frustratingly close to a solution but I can see it yet, can some
please pull back the curtains !



Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> Nathan Pride wrote:
> >
> > Hi Folks
> >
> >     I have an xml file which embeds another xml in it. This is the
> > code:
> >
> > <?xml version="1.0"?>
> > <?xml-stylesheet href="http://localhost/stylsheet.xsl"
> > type="text/xsl"?>
> > <?cocoon-process type="xslt"?>
> >
> > <!DOCTYPE mymerge [
> >  <!ENTITY story SYSTEM "http://localhost/my.xml">
> >  ]>
> >
> > <mymerge> &story; </mymerge>
> >
> > I was under the impression that Cocoon checks all dependencies for
> > changes before using a cached copy, unfortunately it doesn't seem to
> > consider the ENTITY a dependency. When the my.xml files is modified
> > Cocoon still uses the cached copy. Is there a solution to my problems.
> well, no, not a really clean one. From the Cocoon's point of view, the
> XML is one big file, even if this is generated by including many
> "pieces" around.
> >     Which brings me on to XLink or similar beasts any know if cocoon
> > is capable of dealing with these specs, and if  so how.
> XLink is, today, a client side specification now that they removed the
> "parsed" attribute (as in the last working draft). Much like a web
> server doesn't care about <a href=""> tags but the browser does.
> but (there is always a "but" someplace), Cocoon will need to propose an
> extention to XLink (what we call "soft links") that allows one resource
> to connect to another in a soft way, to allow two documents to connect
> even after they are processed and pre-generated, but this is _NOT_
> something you should care about now.
> So, as far as caching goes, the XML parser should return to us a list of
> the external entities, or, we should make Cocoon behave as a DTD parser
> to check them for us.
> Of course, either cases, we are bound to a particular XML parser
> implementation since no XML API expresses these external entities.
> What to know all of it?
> Well, I think one should NEVER use a DTD in a XML document. Never. the
> DTD is the SGML leftover and we should forget about those things and
> move on.
> There is a proposal almost dying in W3C, it's called XInclude and should
> allow one to make one document hardlinked with other documents, but
> externally... after the parsing. This would allow us to know what's
> going on.. something like
>  file -> parser -> DOM -> include manager -> DOM
> instead of simply
>  file -> parser -> DOM
> which is a black box from Cocoon's perspective.
> Anyway, we have to stick with what we have right now...
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