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From Josh McCormack <>
Subject Re: Cocoon VS PHP
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2000 16:03:52 GMT
I'll take a stab at this.

I think the PHP compare and contrast to Cocoon is a
pretty good one, rather than comparing Servlets to PHP
or something.

The thing that I think is really incredible about
Cocoon is how simply and cleanly things are seperated,
and how readable things end up being. For example, if
you wanted to make an application that would pull
stuff from a database, format it differently for
different users and/or browsers and show a map of the
position of my mobile operations center and directions
on how to intercept me at the closest coffee shop you
could break this up into a few different areas and
have simulataneous development.

Some folks could write the SQL, others could handle
the XSL, and others could write the custom processor
to handle the mapping thing. The code would be easy to
read, easy to proof each part and to develop
seperately. Compare this with something where display,
database access and logic are sandwiched together.
Things get comlicated quickly, difficult to update and
people have to be very clever to work on it.

This doesn't make any mention of relative strengths
and weaknesses of PHP vs. Servlets or processing speed
or anything like that, or of the ability to syndicate
content easily.


--- Laurent Eskenazi <>
> Hi!
> I'm currently working on a web project. We are
> planning to use PHP or some
> XML / Servlet stuff like Cocoon, but it's rather
> hard to choose between
> these tools, beacause we got pro and cons in our
> team. Does anybody has some
> experience about both tools and can explain the
> major differences ?
> I'm particularly concerned about fast and easy
> maintanable developpement,
> separation between content, layout and logic, and of
> course, performances
> and ressources needed.
> Does anybody know a place where I could find some
> benchmark or comparisons
> about these tools ?
> Thanks
> Laurent
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