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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject RE: XSL & XSP
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2000 16:32:55 GMT
I don't have tools.jar in my classpath, but javac.jar, and XSP works.

As a general rule, never assume.  Do an echo command to find out
what is in the default classpath:


rem DOS

Also note, when you override the classpath at the command line, the
default CLASSPATH value goes out the window unless you include
it yourself (e.g. java -cp $CLASSPATH:tools.jar).

-----Original Message-----
From:	Ed Knutson []
Sent:	Friday, January 21, 2000 11:30 AM
To:	Cocoon-Users
Subject:	XSL & XSP

I finally figured out what my XSLT problem was: I was using Cocoon 1.0
sample files with the Cocoon 1.6 installation.  I guess the new version
needs a <?cocoon-process ?> tag in the .xml file.  A big thank you to
everyone who responded to my plea!

I tried to get .xsp to work and got the same NoClassDefFound for  I had to explicitly declare
wrapper.classpath=[path-to]/tools.jar in (using JDK 1.2.2).
This seems strange because I thought this library was in the default JRE
classpath.  Does XSP use yet another separate class loader??


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