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From "Arno de Quaasteniet" <>
Subject CDATA sections in output
Date Mon, 10 Jan 2000 11:48:47 GMT

I'm having some problems with the XSLT processor included with cocoon. It throws CData sections
in it's output.
An example of the generated output lookes like this:
    var ]]><![CDATA[Main]]><![CDATA[ = new Toggle(']]><![CDATA[Main]]><![CDATA[',
'PageBook', ]]><![CDATA[7]]><![CDATA[);        
I think you can imagine that this is never going to be executed by any browser.

When I use James clark's XT, i never have this problem. 
Can somebody tell me how to solve or avoid this problem?
Thanks in advance,


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