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From Mike Engelhart <>
Date Tue, 28 Dec 1999 20:57:52 GMT
Not sure where I'm going wrong - probably something simple.  I have had
Tomcat v3.0 on my Macintosh running fine for weeks serving up servlets and
JSP.   I've installed Cocoon by copying all the .jar files necessary into
the "tomcat_root/lib" directory and adding them all to the classpath.

When I access:
I get back the correct status page with all the Cocoon information on it.

But when I try and access:
http://localhost:8080/example/hello/hello.xml, I get this error message: /earthtrip/Internet/Tomcat

Why am I getting a FileNotFoundException for the servlet?  Isn't the
org.apache.cocoon.Cocoon  servlet already running and initialized if I can
access Cocoon.xml?  It says it's initialized in the console window.

Thanks for any help,


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