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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject configuration problems
Date Tue, 14 Dec 1999 13:28:12 GMT
I followed the instructions on the web site (and found some minor errors

in the instructions), and got cocoon working with static xml page
I have a problem getting DCP and SQL to work.  When I try to use the SQL

processor, I get an error saying that the request was successfull, but
it could
not find the document entity to place the results in.  Am I missing some

package, and it's truly not working properly?  I guess what I'm really
is whether JDK-1.2.2 contains the jdbc implementation, or if I have to
do another download.

When I try to follow the instructions/tutorial on DCP, cocoon cannot
find the
object.  I placed the java class file in the list of classpath.wrappers
in the
jserv.conf file.  The instructions were not explicitly clear on how
exactly to
reference the java object, and the link to the real life example is
either broken,
or the site is down.  I really want to convince my employers (who are
not all
that stuck on our current solutions) to use this product, but I need to
get it
working.  I ran out of company time to spend on the proof of concept, so
need to use my own time now.

My configuration is:
Windows NT 4.0 SP5
Apache-JServ 1.1b3

I am trying to access my database through the stock jdbc-odbc driver.

Enclosed are the code snippets in question:
--SQL xml--
<?cocoon:process type="sql"?>
  <connection name="Xway">
      <!-- after checking the Sun site, it has
              in one location, and what is listed in other locations -->



<query doc-element="list" row-element="listitem" connection="Xway">
  SELECT LoginID AS Login, FName, LName FROM user ORDER BY LoginID;

--DCP xml--
<?cocoon:process type="dcp"?>
<?dcp-object name="Util" language="java" code="util.class"?>
<!-- note: I also used the explicit object name:
       org.apache.cocoon.dcp.ServletDCPProcessor.Util -->


<?dcp-content method="Util.getSystemDate" format="dddd, m d, yyyy"?>
<!-- xslp:result has been added, because nodes were being added to the
result tree, but no document element was present. XSLT result tree's
be well-formed.
{DCP Error: org.apache.cocoon.interpreter.LanguageException:
Could not find class: util.class. Make sure it's in the classpath.}-->

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