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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject DCP Object Life Cycle
Date Wed, 29 Dec 1999 14:08:54 GMT
In order to plan a web application with Cocoon, I need to know
what to expect in designing servlets/dcp objects.  I may need
to do an application server running in parallel if I can't guarantee
certain behaviors.

So, does a DCP Object remain in memory indefinitely?  If so,
are there any security issues involved in that?  The observed
behavior is that the DCP Object remains in memory as long
as the server is running (or more specifically the Java Virtual
Machine it is running within).  I also need to know how to
remove DCP Objects from memory, so that the server doesn't
get overpowered with latent objects that I don't want anymore.

I already know what to expect with Servlets.  I am leaning
toward an application server running in parallel, and either
using DCP Objects to communicate with it, or servlets.

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