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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject RE: configuration problems
Date Thu, 16 Dec 1999 18:00:23 GMT
Unfortunately, the site is a business to business extranet.  Therefore, it will be protected
by security measures and not available for general viewing :-(.  Maybe we will change our
main site to cocoon, but I don't see that happening in the near future--everybody's time
is allocated to 300%.

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From:	cocoon []
Sent:	Thursday, December 16, 1999 12:49 PM
To:	Berin Loritsch; ''
Subject:	Re: configuration problems

I'm very intreested in the system you are describing and delighted that you have got it to
and managed to convince you management to adopt cocoon. Maybe when it is up and running you
post the URL here and we can all marvel :)

Berin Loritsch wrote:

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> From:   cocoon []
> Sent:   Thursday, December 16, 1999 5:57 AM
> To:     Berin Loritsch
> Subject:        Re: configuration problems
> Well I don't know enough about your set-up to really answer your question
> properly. All I can tell you is that yes it does work. I have got it working
> with jdbc-odbc driver connecting to an MS Access database.
> I did eventually get it working -- I was using an incorrect driver.
> The correct driver name is "sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver".  I think I was originally
> looking at some of the old docs at (as you see in the example I sent,
> I left off the beginning "sun.").
> As for the DCP problems, I really feal stupid.  Of course, being new to java, it may
> be an understandable mistake.  The documentation never told me to COMPILE the
> java class.  Once I compiled it, the module worked.  I put the class in the JServ
> classpath.
> One thing that I've noticed, is that the SQL module decides whether it wants to work
> or not on its own.  I finally got everything running with it, and depending on how the
> startup happens, it doesn't return any information from the database.  It just acts
> like nothing was entered in.  The problem starts with using the <query def="name">
> tag.  If I simply hardcode all the options (which makes for a really long line), then
> it works every time.  If I set up a querydef, it only works after one successful query.
> In other words, if I set up a querydef like this:
> <querydef name="default" doc-element="list" row-element="listitem" connection="Xway"/>
> then the following constuct:
> <query def="default">SELECT * FROM xyz;</query>
> will only work after one query like the following:
> <query doc-element="list" row-element="listitem" connection="Xway">SELECT * FROM
> (although the doc-element and row-element are optional, but to work with my schema
> I need that).
> Has anyone else run into this problem?  It only needs to be run one time like the
> long version, then every other call using the def works fine.  To me, this is a problem
> because the solution I pitched to my colleagues used XML for the content (so that
> marketing weenies and staff pukes can put the words in), XSL for the display (so
> the graphics designer could make it look pretty), and DCP-java for the logic (so the
> people who make things actually work can do their part).  The marketing weenies
> and staff pukes (affectionate names given by the president of our company) are
> not going to want to type in the long <query> form every time.  I may just keep
> queries in the DCP sections, and not take the chance of the staff pukes messing
> up on that arguably logic oriented set up.
> All in all, this is an excellent system.  My managers were very impressed with the
> potential of how we could use the system.  The performance was acceptable,
> and the type of hardware we would run it on would make it sing.  Granted our load
> will not be as heavy as a general internet site.
> Berin Loritsch wrote:
> > I followed the instructions on the web site (and found some minor errors
> >
> > in the instructions), and got cocoon working with static xml page
> > generation.
> > I have a problem getting DCP and SQL to work.  When I try to use the SQL
> >
> > processor, I get an error saying that the request was successfull, but
> > it could
> > not find the document entity to place the results in.  Am I missing some
> >
> > package, and it's truly not working properly?
> > When I try to follow the instructions/tutorial on DCP, cocoon cannot
> > find the
> > object.  I placed the java class file in the list of classpath.wrappers
> > in the
> > jserv.conf file.
> > I really want to convince my employers (who are
> > not all
> > that stuck on our current solutions) to use this product, but I need to
> > get it
> > working.
> > I am trying to access my database through the stock jdbc-odbc driver.
> >
> > Enclosed are the code snippets in question:
> > --SQL xml--
> > <?cocoon:process type="sql"?>
> > <connectiondefs>
> >   <connection name="Xway">
> >     <driver>jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver</driver>
> >       <!-- after checking the Sun site, it has
> > sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver
> >               in one location, and what is listed in other locations -->
> >
> >     <dburl>jdbc:odbc:Xway</dburl>
> >   </connection>
> > </connectiondefs>
> >
> > --DCP xml--
> > <?cocoon:process type="dcp"?>
> > <?dcp-object name="Util" language="java" code="util.class"?>
> > <!-- note: I also used the explicit object name:
> >        org.apache.cocoon.dcp.ServletDCPProcessor.Util -->
> >
> >   ...
> >
> > <?dcp-content method="Util.getSystemDate" format="dddd, m d, yyyy"?>
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