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From Terence Kearns <>
Subject Re: The "Using Blocks" tutorial
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2010 19:04:26 GMT
Still on this tutorial... I tried your suggestion of "mvn install"
from within myBlock1 and myBlock2 directories.

As a result, mvn has no problems resolving the location of myBlock2
(which is a dependency in this exercise).

However running mvn jetty:run from within /myBlock1/ will not allow
you to access anything from

In order for http://localhost:8888/myBlock2/ to work, I need to change
to /myBlock2/ folder to run mvn jetty:run

I think I will have to try your parent pom suggestion. As a note, at
the beginning of the first tutorial, a link is provided to "Maven in 5
minutes". However, that document says nothing about parent poms.

As a first time user of Cocoon, and not being familiar with Maven, I
would have to say that the tutorials assume too much. they should at
least get the user to make a parent pom so things will work.
Currently, if you follow the tutorials step by step, then things do
not work.


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