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From Terence Kearns <>
Subject The "Using Blocks" tutorial
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2010 12:48:57 GMT
The second tutorial for Cocoon 2.2 had an issue for me which i could
not resolve.

Here is the page concerned.

The tutorial gets you to configure the pom.xml to include myBlock2 as
a dependency.

The problem is that I cannot for the life of me figure out how Maven
is supposed to magically know where the newly created myblock2 folder

I spent some time reading about maven (which I am not really familiar
with) but how to fix the problem is not immediately apparent.

The tutorial makes the following reference
"If you use the RCL goal of the Cocoon Maven plugin, you will also
want to add the location of the new block to the configuration file of
block1. This has the advantage that you can work on block2 and the
changes take effect immediately. Open
getting-started-app/myBlock1/ and add"

> com.mycompany.myBlock1.service%classes-dir=./target/classes
> com.mycompany.myBlock2.service%classes-dir=../myBlock2/target/classes
> %exclude-lib=com.mycompany:myBlock2

but the above settings have no affect (i obviously substituted
"com.mycompany" with my chosen group Id).

running "mvn jetty:run"

just gets me

1) com.TerenceKearns:myBlock2:jar:1.0.0"

and I have been stuck on this issue ever since.

I think I have followed the tutorial to the letter, but it has not
worked. If there is something missing, it is not in the tutorial.

Obviously this is a documentation issue. I'm not looking for tech
support here. If you guys know what I did wrong, then perhaps a
modification of the tutorial will prevent the same problem happening
for others.

Just some feedback for you.

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