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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Cocoon Wiki] Update of "Cocoon 3 Profiling" by SebastianRosensteiner
Date Tue, 02 Jun 2009 12:41:36 GMT
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The following page has been changed by SebastianRosensteiner:

  Measuring the runtime of servlets, sitemaps and pipeline components is now done at a method
basis, which means that we have accurate data on the runtime of the intercepted methods, but
no data on the runtime (lifetime) of a specific servlet or pipeline component.
- === HowTo ===
+ = HOWTO use cocoon-profiling and firebug!  =
- This is a small HowTo which should help you to get the Cocoon 3 Profiling successfully up
and running.
+ This is a small HowTo which should help you to get Cocoon 3 Profiling up and running.
  == Profiling ==
+ In order to use cocoon-profiling, you simply have to include the cocoon-profiling jar in
your classpath. Cocoon-profiling uses Spring AOP, so no further configuration is needed.
+ === How do I get cocoon-profiling? ===
+ Currently, you have to checkout cocoon 3 and apply this patch: [[]].
Then simply build cocoon (using mvn install) and add cocoon-profiling as a dependency in your
application or add cocoon-profiling-3.0.0-alpha-2-SNAPSHOT.jar to your classpath.
  == Firebug ==
  Getting the Firebug Plugin able to work is really easy. You'll need to install Firebug 1.4X
 [[]] and then install the Firebug .xpi from cocoon-profiling-firebug
(opening it with Firefox should suffice). The .xpi will only be available after the next content
patch from cocoon-profiling, so you might have to wait a few days (as of June 1st, 09). Afterwards,
you should have a little bug on the bottom right corner of your Firefox. Clicking will open
it, then you can navigate to the net-panel (you might want to get sure its activated) and
there open up a request (you might need to refresh). In the request, there should be a tab
called "Cocoon 3 Profiling", if you click it, and the Profiling Service works, you should
now see the generated profiling data in the form of a tree.
- === First Examples ===
+ == First Examples ==
  The following examples were developed to gain knowledge about the cocoon project and other
related technologies (e.g. Spring AOP). Beginners might find these resources useful since
these examples are simple and easy to use. 

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