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From Ken Starks <>
Subject Re: new cocoon video tutorial available
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2008 13:01:43 GMT
hussayn wrote:
> Hi, thanks for your so quick and positive response. I think, the creative
> team at machinimatrix will
> be eager to do some more stuff, including some really neat 3D visualizations
> of a cocoon pipeline.
> Ken Starks wrote:
>> Pity you couldn't find a real female, though, or is the
>> constituency of cocoon users still completely unbalanced in the male & 
>> female sense ? - Using an avatar as "moderator" was part of the design
>> decision, when we made the concept for the tutorial. The main point here
>> is, that our tutorials are created in a 3D environment, which probably
>> will be "publicly visitable" at some time in the near future (plans are
>> made, but decisions need to be taken yet)
> - Using a generated voice has 2 reasons: 
> 1.) We thought, Avatars need computer voices (never break the media ;-) )
> 2.) The content is expressed in XML, so it is no problem to edit the text
> during content creation and of course it is no problem to create a
> transcription.
> Having said this, I think, we are going to add cocoon to our future video
> production chain .
> regards, hussayn
This is excellent news. If Cocoon is seen to be _the_ Killer application 
that allows
your creative people to be creative, without the technology getting in 
the way, who
can possibly deny that it is awesome.

I certainly don't really object to an avatar, and even if you were to 
employ a
professional to do a performance, or just a voice-over, the avatar 
edition could
provide an accurate reference to synchronise with, at a later editing stage.

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