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Subject [DAISY] Updated: Live Sites - 2.1.8
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2008 11:27:38 GMT
A document has been updated:

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Name: Live Sites - 2.1.8 (unchanged)
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Updated on: 5/29/08 9:56:42 AM
Updated by: Andrew Savory

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    <h1>Cocoon 2.1.8</h1>
+++ <h2>Encyclopedia of Life Sciences - Wiley InterScience</h2>
+++ <p><em>Date added: 2006-07-24</em><br/>
+++ <strong>URL:</strong>
+++ <a href=""></a>
+++ <br/>
+++ <strong>Contact:</strong> epritcha [AT]</p>
+++ <p><em>Cocoon version used:</em> 2.1.8 (with AJAX module and some patches
+++ 2.1.9)<br/>
+++ <em>Short summary:</em> Major Reference work in Wiley InterScience, first
+++ many to be published using Cocoon-based architecture.<br/>
+++ <em>How can we verify this site is actually built with Cocoon? </em>Check
+++ the X-Cocoon-Version header...</p>
+++ <p><em>How much time did it take to build the site from design to
+++ publication?</em><br/>
+++ Original IA Specification in October 2005, specs for source XML took
+++ approximately 2 months, actual build 3 months; 3 Cocoon-based engineers, 1
+++ focusing on search, 1 on XHTML/CSS, and one on the rest of the site. We also had
+++ some hard-working Content people working on pre-rendering of XML blobs and
+++ MathML images, and a whole bunch of people in India marking up the XML content
+++ documents.</p>
+++ <p><em>How much traffic does the site handle?</em><br/>
+++ 20000 hits on launch day (24 July 2006).</p>
+++ <p><em>What made you choose Cocoon to build the site?</em><br/>
+++ 6 month review of available technologies, Cocoon stood out on handling of XML,
+++ Caching, Component re-use and the Sitemap. We also love Views and the concept of
+++ Flows.</p>
+++ <p><em>What other information do you want to disclose (e.g. how does it work,
+++ how did you build it, what parts of Cocoon did you use)?</em></p>
+++ <p>We've actually got some other parts of the site already implemented using
+++ Cocoon, namely ForwardLinking (Citation-Tracking link on Journal Abstract pages:
+++ Crossref web-service based), Author Services (production process tracking for
+++ authors: uses web-services and FlowScript), plus our (yet to be launched) RSS
+++ and OPML feeds, and will be moving forward with the rest of InterScience
+++ along-side a back-end re-architecture.</p>
+++ <p>We've been able to re-use a number of components from the other Cocoon
+++ projects already, and the bulk of Cocoon work for this site has been XSL and
+++ Sitemap wrangling, rather than application-specific Java code.</p>
+++ <p>We wrote our own Generators and Transformers for DB access and Search
+++ integration (we use back-end CORBA repositories and custom DOA for DB access,
+++ and a legacy Verity engine for search), plus some generic transformers for SAX
+++ manipulation, e.g. pulling single nodes for our AJAX based topic-tree out of a
+++ huge source document. However, the bulk of the functionality is XSLT based,
+++ using a file-system store (i.e. exactly the kind of thing Cocoon was designed
+++ for), preferring Inclusion to Aggregation in most cases.</p>
+++ <p>Access control is not implemented using Cocoon simply due to an existing
+++ available web-server plugin, although we use a Cocoon-based 'Action' for access
+++ control in other parts of the site.</p>
+++ <p>Cocoon has vastly improved our abilty to deliver feature-rich sites on-time
+++ and on-cost, plus, its fun!</p>
    <h2>Computer Science Department 2 Erlangen University</h2>
    <p><em>Date added: 2006-06-29</em></p>
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