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Subject [DAISY] Comment added to Tutorial: A Gentle Introduction to Cocoon Control Flow
Date Sun, 09 Mar 2008 21:16:31 GMT
A comment has been created.

Document ID: 1241
Name: Tutorial: A Gentle Introduction to Cocoon Control Flow
Branch: main
Language: default

Created by: Patrick Heiden
Created on: 3/9/08 9:16:15 PM
Visibility: public

I actually don't know, if Babak is still within the game, but I guess, that following instructions
should help to get the game running.

The first missing concept here is the so called 'sub-sitemap'. This is what you are told to
create in a new subdirectory and fill it with the above sitemap-contents (e.g. the pipeline
with id="flow-sample"). When talking about a sub-sitemap (a concept already established before
cocoon 2.2), then you can think of a sub-application in order to structure your whole root-application.
In my case I have created the above sub-sitemap inside a new created directory simply called
'new'. So far so good. What you now need to do is to tell your root-sitemap about that new
sitemap. This is called 'mounting' the sub-sitemap and is actually done inside the root-sitemap
(under myBlock1/src/main/resources/COB-INF). So open it and paste the following snipped:

<map:match pattern="games/**">
   <map:mount src="new/" uri-prefix="games"/>

What happens here is, that you have structured your applications main-block (which should
be myBlock1 if you followed the tutorial mentioned on the top of this page) into several 'sitemaps'.
Typically a main-block is responsible to act as main-controller of your application so you
can say, that you created a sub-controller, too. In this case your root-sitemap would delegate
each request like http://localhost:8888/myBlock1/games/FOO to the sub-sitemap. This comes
from the defined pattern "games/**". Then the root-sitemap mounts your sub-sitemap, wich is
inside the new-folder (see attribute src="new/"). One thing to talk about at this point is
the last attribute: uri-prefix. What you actually want to achieve is, that only the part of
your URI called FOO is delegated to your sub-sitemap and matched inside there. With the attribute
uri-prefix you exactly do that, because the defined prefix is cut off and only FOO would be
left. In our case we would call http://localhost/myBlock1/games/game and the only URI-part
wich is getting inside your sub-sitemap for further processing will be "game". 

So by now you have created a sub-sitemap and connected it within your root-sitemap.

Some other little 'bugs' are left to be wiped-out. First of all the documents-directory needs
to be created in subfolder (new), too. This is because your sub-sitemap expects them there
following the given code! Same thing needs to be done for the flow-folder.
Directory structure would look like this:

|-- documents
|    |-- guess.jx
|    `-- success.jx
|-- flow
|    `--game.js

And to solve Babaks problem, too, we also need to extend the sub-sitemaps code with the following
snipped (paste this before your <map:pipeline>-definition):

<map:flow language="javascript">
   <map:script src="flow/game.js"/>

This one is actually registers the games.js flowscript.

Thats it. mvn jetty:run and have fun guessing!

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