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Subject [DAISY] Updated: Migration guide
Date Sun, 25 Nov 2007 03:15:48 GMT
A document has been updated:

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Name: Migration guide (unchanged)
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Updated on: 11/16/07 8:37:44 PM
Updated by: Grzegorz Kossakowski

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    <p>This document describes steps needed (or advised) to be made when upgrading
    to Cocoon Databases 1.0.x.</p>
--- <p class="note">This guide assumes that you use cocoon-databases-impl artifact
--- with version at least <strong>1.0.0-RC2</strong>.</p>
    <h1>Datasource declaration</h1>
--- <p class="note">Migration of datasources is not mandatory. You can leave
--- Avalon-style declaration of datasources untouched and use such declared database
--- connection in both Avalon and Spring components. Nevertheless, it's highly
--- recommended to migrate to Spring declarations because they will be the only one
--- actively supported in future versions of Cocoon Databases 1.0.x.</p>
+++ <p>If you want to migrate your datasources to Spring beans but still need them
+++ in Avalon components (like SQLTransformer) take a look at
+++ <a href="daisy:1424">Databases Bridge</a>.</p>
--- <p>Consider you have following datasource declaration in <tt>cocoon.xconf</tt>
--- file:</p>
--- <pre> &lt;datasources&gt;
---     &lt;jdbc logger="core.datasources.personnel" name="personnel"&gt;
---       &lt;pool-controller max="10" min="5"/&gt;
---       &lt;dburl&gt;jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost:3306/cocoondb&lt;/dburl&gt;
---       &lt;user&gt;sa&lt;/user&gt;
---       &lt;password&gt;&lt;/password&gt;
---     &lt;/jdbc&gt;
---   &lt;/datasources&gt;
--- </pre>
--- <p>Then the only thing you have to do is to create file named
--- <tt>datasources.xml</tt> in <tt>META-INF/cocoon/spring</tt> folder
of one of
--- your blocks with following contents:</p>
--- <pre>&lt;beans xmlns=""
---        xmlns:xsi=""
---        xsi:schemaLocation=""&gt;
---     &lt;bean name="javax.sql.DataSource/personnel" class="org.apache.cocoon.databases.bridge.spring.avalon.SpringToAvalonDataSourceWrapper"&gt;
---         &lt;property name="wrappedBean"&gt;
---             &lt;bean class="org.springframework.jdbc.datasource.DriverManagerDataSource"
---               &lt;property name="driverClassName" value="org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver"/&gt;
---               &lt;property name="url" value="jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost:3306/cocoondb"/&gt;
---               &lt;property name="username" value="sa"/&gt;
---               &lt;property name="password" value=""/&gt;
---             &lt;/bean&gt;
---         &lt;/property&gt;
---     &lt;/bean&gt;
--- &lt;/beans&gt;
--- </pre>
--- <p>When it comes to configuring DataSource it's all you have to do. What's
--- important datasource configured that way will be working just fine with old
--- Avalon components.</p>
--- <p class="warn">Configuration of wrapped bean uses DriverManagerDataSource class
--- that <strong>does not provide any support for connection pooling</strong>.
--- may want to consider integration of external libraries.<br/>
--- See
--- <a href="">javadocs
--- comments</a> of DriverManagerDataSource class for details.</p>
--- <p class="note">When you don't plan to use your database connection in
--- Avalon-based components you can resign from declaring wrapping bean and only
--- declare wrapped bean on its own.</p>
    <h1>Loading of driver class</h1>
    <p>Thanks to new features of Cocoon 2.2 there is no need to patch
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