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Subject [DAISY] Updated: How to publish docs to
Date Sun, 21 Oct 2007 16:13:32 GMT
A document has been updated:

Document ID: 1418
Branch: main
Language: default
Name: How to publish docs to (unchanged)
Document Type: Cocoon Document (unchanged)
Updated on: 10/12/07 7:21:24 AM
Updated by: Reinhard Pötz

A new version has been created, state: publish


This part has been updated.
Mime type: text/xml (unchanged)
File name:  (unchanged)
Size: 1869 bytes (previous version: 1753 bytes)
Content diff:
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    <p>There you will find a directory <tt>svn-docs</tt>. It contains a
    checkout (= part of the nightly docs build) and the result of the docs
    generation process copied over. If you want to see the docs online, point your
--- browser to</p>
+++ browser to
+++ <a href=""></a>.
+++ </p>
    <p class="note">There is a second job which builds the docs once a day too. In
    addition to the first one it adds a couple of reports (Findbugs, SVN reports,
--- etc.). See</p>
+++ etc.). See
+++ <a href=""></a>.
+++ </p>
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