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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Cocoon Wiki] Update of "UnitTestingStylesheetsAndPipelines" by NicoVerwer
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2007 13:34:41 GMT
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The following page has been changed by NicoVerwer:

The comment on the change is:
Introducing CoUnit 2.0!

  ==  Unit-tests for stylesheets and pipelines. ==
- '''Note: this information is somewhat out of date.''' A more current version can be found
[ here].
  Unit and regression testing is a best practice of software engineering.
  If you don't know about unit testing and test-driven development, please have a look at
these excellent websites:
@@ -20, +18 @@

  For my work on several projects using Cocoon I needed such a framework, and decided that
it shouldn't be too hard to build one.
  The result is Co``Unit (names like CUnit and CCUnit were already taken), which offers a
simple framework for unit tests, complementary to other tools (like JUnit and Http``Unit).
- === Installing ===
+ The code and documentation for Co``Unit 2.0 can be found on [
Google Code].
+ There is also a cocoondev project at [ here].
- Temporarily, the [ code for CoUnit] is attached to this page, until
it finds its way to a better place. There is also an [ example
application with unit tests].
+ You may be interestedin my presentation at the Cocoon Get``Together 2004, which I have attached
to this page. Also look at the ["GT2004Nico"] notes.
+ You are invited to play around with the code and improve it. If you are interested to join
the CoUnit project as a member, send me an email (nverwer at be-value-nl, or if you add to
this page I will get notified).
- To use Co``Unit you need Cocoon 2.1.6 (which does not exist at the time of writing), or
a version from the repository after 11 October 2004.
- On that date, a bug in the MountTableTransformer was fixed, which is essential to the unit-test
- If you get a Null``Pointer``Exception trying to run unit tests, you need to update Cocoon,
or at least the MountTableTransformer.
- Installing the framework code is simple: Just unpack it at a convenient place, like in a
sub-directory of the directory where you put all your Cocoon projects.
- For example, if your Cocoon projects are in /home/user/cocoon-projects, create a sub-directory
called unit-test, and unpack in that directory.
- Co``Unit is typically mounted from the main sitemap, or from the main mount-table.
-   * from the main sitemap:
- {{{
-     <map:match pattern="test/**">
-       <map:mount check-reload="yes" src="/path/to/unit-test/framework/" uri-prefix="test"/>
-     </map:match>
- }}}
-   * from mount-table.xml:
- {{{
-     <mount uri-prefix="test" src="/path/to/unit-test/framework/"/>
- }}}
- If you plan to run unit tests for the framework itself (which I am busy adding!), use the
mount-table, because all testable components need to be mounted that way.
- === Miscellaneous ===
- If you are interested in using Co``Unit, it is a good idea to look at my presentation at
the Cocoon Get``Together 2004. Also look at the ["GT2004Nico"] notes.
- You are invited to play around with the code and improve it!
- Of course, you can also add things to this Wiki page.
- Please send me an email (nverwer at be-value-nl, if you add to this page I will get notified)
if you have added something that might be of interest to others, so I can keep a 'complete'
version until there is a better way (like svn) to collaborate.
  Thanks to:
   * My colleagues at Be Value, for working with earlier versions of the test framework.
   * Luca Morandi, for writing the code for the green/red bar.
+  * Jan Willem Boer, for doing most of the coding for version 2.0.

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