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Subject [DAISY] Updated: Introduction
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2007 11:34:38 GMT
A document has been updated:

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Name: Introduction (unchanged)
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Updated on: 5/30/07 9:11:29 PM
Updated by: Reinhard Pötz

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--- <html><body><p>TODO</p></body></html>
+++ <html>
+++ <body>
+++ <p>Cocoon has advanced control flow, the ability to describe the order of Web
+++ pages that have to be sent to the client, at any given point in time in an
+++ application.</p>
+++ <p>Traditional Web applications try to model the control flow of a Web
+++ application by modeling the application as a finite state machine (FSM). In this
+++ model, the Web application is composed of multiple states, but the application
+++ can be only in one state at a time. Any request received by the application
+++ transitions it into a different state. During such a transition, the application
+++ may perform various side-effects, such as updating objects either in memory or
+++ in a database. Another important side-effect of such a transition is that a Web
+++ page is sent back to the client browser.</p>
+++ <p>For simple Web applications, this model works fine. However, as the
+++ application grows, the number of states and transitions between them grows as
+++ well, and it becomes hard to visualize what's happening in the application.</p>
+++ <p>Moreover, the interactions in some applications are more complex than a
+++ simple finite state machine. In such cases it's much easier to think of and
+++ implement the application as a program, rather than a FSM.</p>
+++ <p>By using a high level programming concept called <em>continuations</em>,
+++ Cocoon tries to solve this problem, and promises to allow the control flow in
+++ Web applications to be modeled as a normal program.</p>
+++ </body>
+++ </html>

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