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Subject [DAISY] Created: Products using Cocoon
Date Thu, 10 May 2007 14:12:28 GMT
A new document has been created.

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Name: Products using Cocoon
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Created: 5/10/07 2:12:18 PM
Creator (owner): Reinhard Pötz
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<p>These are products that use Apache Cocoon</p>

<h2>Apache Lenya</h2>

<p><a href="">Apache Lenya</a> is an Open Source
Content Management System and comes with revision control, site management,
scheduling, search, WYSIWYG editors, and workflow.</p>

<h2>Daisy CMS</h2>

<p><a href="">Daisy</a> is a content management system
offers rich out-of-the-box functionality combined with solid foundations for
extensibility and integration. Daisy consists of two main components:</p>

<li>a stand-alone repository server accessible through HTTP/XML (using the
<a href="">ReST</a> style
of WebServices) and/or a high-level (remote) Java API, and</li>
<li>an extensive editing and publishing front-end web application running inside
<a href="">Apache Cocoon</a>.</li>

<p>Due to its genericity and flexibility, Daisy can be used for many different
purposes, but is ideally suited for information-rich, structured content and
asset management applications. Even for advanced content management
applications, Daisy can be used and configured without any Java-coding skills:
Daisy offers a Javascript/Cocoon-based extension framework.</p>

<p>Daisy is licensed under the open source, business-friendly Apache License 2.0

<p>If you do not find your product here, use the <em>Edit</em> link below
add yourself. If you are not familiar with the CMS, read the
<em>General</em><em> documentation</em> section of <a href="daisy:1273">How


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