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Subject [DAISY] Updated: Migration guide
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2007 15:28:18 GMT
A document has been updated:

Document ID: 1350
Branch: main
Language: default
Name: Migration guide (previously AJAX migration guide)
Document Type: Cocoon Document (unchanged)
Updated on: 4/10/07 3:27:58 PM
Updated by: Grzegorz Kossakowski

A new version has been created, state: publish


This part has been updated.
Mime type: text/xml (unchanged)
File name:  (unchanged)
Size: 2868 bytes (previous version: 2573 bytes)
Content diff:
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+++ <p class="warn">Refactored Ajax block has been not committed into trunk yet. In
+++ order to test new functionality, you need to perform svn switch to the version
+++ from whiteboard which at this location:<br/>
+++ </p>
    <p>Ajax block has been recently adapted to use features that servlet services
    framework provides. For in-depth details of adoption process take a look at
    <a href="">COCOON-1991</a>
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