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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Cocoon Wiki] Update of "CocoonReleaseHowTo" by VadimGritsenko
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2007 02:09:45 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Cocoon Wiki" for change notification.

The following page has been changed by VadimGritsenko:

  ===  Announce the release process ===
  Send a simple mail to the dev list. This is in order to ensure that noone will check in
during the release process. If someone checks in during the building, testing and tagging,
the release process has to be started at the beginning again.
  ===  Get the version ===
  Check-out a fresh copy from the cvs on a unix platform (this is important, do not use windows!)
  ===  Set correct version information  ===
  Change the version information in src/java/org/apache/cocoon/ by
  removing "-dev" and eventually add new release information like m1, b1 etc. If this release
is a final version, change the "released.version" info to the new version as well.
@@ -57, +59 @@

  But don't check-in this yet!
  ===  Exclude unstable blocks from the default build ===
  Edit the file and exclude all unstable blocks.
  Since it's a release they should not get compiled by default.
- ===  Build the distrubtion ===
+ ===  Build the distribution ===
  Make sure that you make a clean build and that you are really not using windows
  # ./ clean-dist
  # ./ dist
  ===  Test the distribution ===
- Unarchive the build distribution and test it. These tests should include
+ Uncompress the build distribution and test it. These tests should include
- different platforms (windows and unix) and different JDKs (1.3 and 1.4).
+ different platforms (windows and Unix) and different JDKs (1.3 and 1.4).
  Testing includes building Cocoon from the release version and trying out the samples.
  Please also run 'build test'.
  ===  Decide what to do next ===
  If any problem occurs during building and/or testing, you have to decide whether
  this is a blocker and has to be fixed or if this problem can be ignored.
  If it is a blocker, the problem must be fixed and after that you have to restart
  at the beginning. This decision is a from case to case decision and it's
  the release manager who decides if it's a blocker or not :)
  ===  Continue with the release ===
  Now check-in the changed version from the first step and tag the release in svn - if svn
externals are used (for example in src/blocks) make sure to change the references and let
them point to a specific revision.
  ===  Start next version ===
  Check the version in src/java/org/apache/cocoon/ by increasing
  the version information and adding "-dev" at the end, for example m3-dev.
  Change status.xml by starting a new release section with the placeholders. Add a dummy action
here. Also change the version in
  ===  Sign the release  ===
  Therefore you have to put your public key in the KEYS file before! In addition create a
md5 file for the distribution
  ===  Bugtracking ===
  Enter the new version into jira, so users can file entries against it.
  ===  Upload the release ===
  Upload the release and the signatures to and put it
  under /www/ into the correct directories (sources
  and binaries). Make sure that you set the permissions correctly.
  It's important to give the group write access!
  Add/change the links from the cocoon directory to the new version in
- the sources/binaries directory. Update the README.html and the HEADER.html.
+ the sources/binaries directory. Update the README.html and the HEADER.html in
+ the SVN repository, under /cocoon/site/mirrors/.
  For more information see below.
  ===  Announcement ===
  Announce to the dev list that the release process is finished and end a possible 
  code freeze.
  ===  Take a break... ===
  Now wait for 24h so the mirror sites can pick up the new version.
  You can have a look at [] to see the status
  of the mirrors.
  ===  Update mirror page ===
  Change the mirror.html in the cocoon-site module as well and update this
  single file on the website.
  For more information see below.
  ===  Create the announcement mail ===
  Currently this is hand-typed (or copied) - we have to reinstall the 
  announcement target. Send this email to wherever appropriate.
  Currently it goes to (dev at, users at,
  general at and announcements at
  ===  Register final version ===
  Enter a final version (no betas or milestones) into freshmeat.
  ===  Update the site docs ===
  As described in CocoonWebsiteUpdate
@@ -122, +137 @@

  ==  C) Directories: ==
  The only (ONLY) place where distributions shall reside is inside the
- /www/ on
+ /www/ on
  This directory contains three subdirectories:
   *  BINARIES: this is where the binary distribution tar/zipballs are located.
   *  SOURCES: this is where the source distribution tar/zipballs are located.
-  *  OLD: all old and deprecated distributions.
+  *  events: materials from the events.
  In the future, when other subprojects of Cocoon will start putting out their
  own releases, new directories will be created under the top level directory,
@@ -149, +164 @@

  |  |
  |  +- cocoon-2.0.4-src.tar.gz
  |  |
- |  +- cocoon-2.1m1-src.tar.gz
- |  |
- |  \- cocoon-2.1m2-src.tar.gz
+ |  \- cocoon-2.1.0-src.tar.gz
- |
- +- OLD/
- |  | 
- |  +- cocoon-1.8.1.tar.gz
- |  |
- |  \- cocoon-1.8.2.tar.gz
  +- cocoon-latest-bin.tar.gz -> BINARIES/cocoon-2.0.4-bin.tar.gz
@@ -222, +229 @@

    # ln -s SOURCES/
- Make sure to change the "latest version" strings and URLs in the README.html
+ Make sure to change the latest version strings and URLs in the README.html
- and HEADER.html files in the /www/ directory and
- the mirror.html file in the /www/ directory.
+ and HEADER.html files in the
+ and use 'svn up' command in /www/ directory to update.
- Note that for release final downloads you shouldn't edit the mirrors.html
- file, as the release should always be linked to cocoon-latest-.....
+ Update the mirror.html file in subversion to link
+ to latest files, and update the /www/ directory with these changes.
  ==  D) Mirroring and announcing: ==
- Once the release is published wait at least 24 hours before announcing it to
+ Once the release is published '''wait at least 24 hours before announcing it''' to
  the mailing lists, so that mirror sites will have the opportunity to pick
  the changes up and you won't get bugged by people unable to download the

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