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Subject [DAISY] Updated: How to build the site locally
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2007 17:21:23 GMT
A document has been updated:

Document ID: 1256
Branch: main
Language: default
Name: How to build the site locally (unchanged)
Document Type: Cocoon Document (unchanged)
Updated on: 2/7/07 5:21:16 PM
Updated by: Reinhard Pötz

A new version has been created, state: publish


This part has been updated.
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Content diff:
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    <p>This plugin assumes that each block has its own collection.</p>
--- <h1>Configure Cocoon 2.2 pom.xml</h1>
+++ <h1>Configure settings.xml</h1>
    <p>The documents can only be exported by a user with admin rights to the Daisy
    repository. We have created such a user <tt>daisy-export</tt>. The password
    this user is available in a <tt>daisy-export-user-<tt>password.txt</tt>
    </tt>file in the home directory of the daisy user.</p>
--- <p>Open the root setting.xml and add the following:</p>
+++ <p>Open the <tt>~/.m2/setting.xml</tt> and add the following:</p>
--- <pre> &lt;profiles&gt;
+++ <pre>&lt;settings&gt;
+++  [...]
+++  &lt;profiles&gt;
(10 equal lines skipped)
           &lt;password&gt;<strong>SECRET PASSWORD HERE</strong>&lt;/password&gt;
+++ &lt;/settings&gt; 
    <h1>Build the site</h1>
(2 equal lines skipped)
    mvn site -o
+++ <p class="note">You don't have to build the the site for every module every
+++ time. You can also go to a module and build its docs only.</p>
    <h1>Deploy the site locally</h1>
    <p>Deploy the site using the "localDocs" profile.</p>
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