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Subject [DAISY] Comment added to ValidationReportTransformer
Date Tue, 26 Dec 2006 12:58:50 GMT
A comment has been created.

Document ID: 691
Name: ValidationReportTransformer
Branch: main
Language: default

Created by: Lars Huttar
Created on: 12/18/06 8:31:15 PM
Visibility: public

Re: "For example one might not declare a grammar in the configuration (letting the normal
grammar auto-detection to work) and override it for a specific pipeline with the XML DTD grammar
identifier (which can't be detected, as it's not an XML document)."
Can you give an example of a "grammar identifier"? In the case of DTD, what would I use... This is implied but not explicit at
An example would be worth 1000 words.

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