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Subject [DAISY] Updated: How to create documentation for a block
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2006 18:21:35 GMT
A document has been updated:

Document ID: 1223
Branch: main
Language: default
Name: How to create documentation for a block (unchanged)
Document Type: Cocoon Document (unchanged)
Updated on: 10/2/06 6:21:32 PM
Updated by: Helma van der Linden

A new version has been created, state: draft


This part has been updated.
Mime type: text/xml (unchanged)
File name:  (unchanged)
Size: 6395 bytes (previous version: 2086 bytes)
Content diff:
(42 equal lines skipped)
--- <p>Note the id of the navigation document (in this case <em>489</em>).</p>
+++ <p>Note the id of the navigation document (in this case <em>1152</em>).</p>
+++ <h1>Create a new Daisy site</h1>
+++ <p>Each block gets its own site in Daisy. Before adding documentation about the
+++ block, the site should be selected. This way all documents will automatically be
+++ in the proper collection.</p>
+++ <p>The steps below describe how to create a new Daisy site.</p>
+++ <ol>
+++ <li>Log in to with your username and password</li>
+++ <li>change to user daisy: <tt>sudo su - daisy</tt></li>
+++ <li><tt>cd daisywikidata/sites</tt></li>
+++ <li>copy another block to the new block with blockname equal to the collection
+++ name. Example: <tt>cp -R cdocs-fop cdocs-forms</tt></li>
+++ <li>cd into the new folder: <tt>cd cdocs-forms</tt></li>
+++ <li>modify the siteconf.xml file:</li>
+++ <ul>
+++ <li>change the <tt>title</tt> to match the name of the navigation document
+++ (without the [navigation] part), e.g. <em>Forms Block</em></li>
+++ <li>change the <tt>description</tt> to match the block name, e.g.<em>
+++ Documentation of the Forms Block<br/>
+++ </em></li>
+++ <li>change the <tt>navigationDocId</tt> to the id of the navigation
document (in
+++ this case <em>1152</em>)</li>
+++ <li>change the <tt>homepageDocId</tt> to the id of the introduction
document (in
+++ this case <em>489</em>)</li>
+++ </ul>
+++ <li>save the file and logout of the server.</li>
+++ </ol>
+++ <h1>Add the navigation to the master navigation file</h1>
+++ <p>To show the block documentation in the total Cocoon documentation site, which
+++ is the source for the official documentation, you need to add the navigation
+++ document to the master navigation file. Do this step <strong>after</strong>
+++ creating the site, as a reminder that the site should be created as well.<br/>
+++ These are the steps to take:</p>
+++ <ol>
+++ <li>In Daisy, go to the <tt>cdocs</tt> site</li>
+++ <li>Select <tt>Administration</tt> in the navigation menu (so not on
+++ <li>You should now see a tree that represents the navigation tree of the cdocs
+++ site. This page is here only to provide convenient links to all the navigation
+++ documents.</li>
+++ <li>Edit the document to add the links to the navigation document. Make sure the
+++ block names are in alphabetical order and reflect the actual menu hierarchy.\
+++ </li>
+++ <li>Save the document and select the <tt>Cocoon Book</tt> link.</li>
+++ <li>Edit the navigation document and add a <tt>new import navigation node</tt>
+++ with the id of the navigation document (in this case <em>1152</em>)</li>
+++ </ol>
+++ <p class="note">When adding documentation for the block, be sure you select the
+++ proper site first!</p>
+++ <h1>Configuring the Maven pom files</h1>
+++ <p>With the Daisy Maven plugin the information can be extracted from Daisy and
+++ built into the official site, either locally or at the official Cocoon
+++ documentation site.</p>
+++ <p>The steps below configure the Maven pom files to make this happen.</p>
+++ <h2>Configure the block pom.xml</h2>
+++ <ul>
+++ <li>Open the <tt>pom.xml</tt> file of the block, e.g.
+++ <em>cocoon-forms-impl/pom.xml</em></li>
+++ <li>Open a pom.xml file of a block that is already configured, e.g. cocoon-fop
+++ and copy the plugin with the groupID <tt>org.daisycms </tt>and artifactId<tt>
+++ daisy-maven-plugin</tt></li>
+++ <li>Add this to your pom file under &lt;build&gt;, &lt;plugins&gt;,
if necessary
+++ create these tags. The build section should look like this (at least containing
+++ the daisy-maven-plugin part)</li>
+++ </ul>
+++ <ol>
+++ </ol>
+++ <pre>    &lt;build&gt;
+++         &lt;plugins&gt;
+++             &lt;plugin&gt;
+++                 &lt;groupId&gt;org.daisycms&lt;/groupId&gt;
+++                 &lt;artifactId&gt;daisy-maven-plugin&lt;/artifactId&gt;
+++                 &lt;configuration&gt;
+++                     &lt;navDocId&gt;1152&lt;/navDocId&gt;
+++                     &lt;collection&gt;cdocs-forms&lt;/collection&gt;                   
+++                         &lt;skipFirstNavigationDocumentLevel&gt;true&lt;/skipFirstNavigationDocumentLevel&gt;
+++                 &lt;/configuration&gt;
+++             &lt;/plugin&gt;
+++         &lt;/plugins&gt;
+++     &lt;/build&gt;</pre>
+++ <ul>
+++ <li>Change the <tt>navDocId</tt> to the id of the navigation document,
in this
+++ case <em>1152</em></li>
+++ <li>Change the <tt>collection</tt> to the name of the collection, in
this case
+++ <em>cdocs-forms</em></li>
+++ <li><em><br/>
+++ </em></li>
+++ </ul>

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