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Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 15:31:23 GMT
A document has been updated:

Document ID: 1170
Branch: main
Language: default
Document Type: Navigation (unchanged)
Updated on: 8/1/06 3:31:19 PM
Updated by: Helma van der Linden

A new version has been created, state: publish


Navigation Description
This part has been updated.
Mime type: text/xml (unchanged)
File name:  (unchanged)
Size: 3272 bytes (previous version: 3407 bytes)
Content diff:
(3 equal lines skipped)
      <d:group label="Home">
        <d:group label="About Cocoon">
---       <d:doc id="1176" nodeId="index.html" label="Welcome"/>
---       <d:doc id="1169" nodeId="whoweare.html" label="Who we are"/>
---       <d:doc id="1178" nodeId="history.html" label="History"/>
+++       <d:doc id="1176" nodeId="index" label="Welcome"/>
+++       <d:doc id="1169" nodeId="whoweare" label="Who we are"/>
+++       <d:doc id="1178" nodeId="history" label="History"/>
          <d:group label="News">
---         <d:doc id="1179" nodeId="news/index.html" label="Latest"/>
---         <d:doc id="1180" nodeId="news/archives.html" label="Archives"/>
+++         <d:doc id="1179" nodeId="news/index" label="Latest"/>
+++         <d:doc id="1180" nodeId="news/archives" label="Archives"/>
        <d:group label="Projects">
(4 equal lines skipped)
          <d:link url="" label="Lenya"/>
          <d:link url="" label="Download"/>
---       <d:doc id="1181" nodeId="versioning.html" label="Versioning"/>
+++       <d:doc id="1181" nodeId="versioning" label="Versioning"/>
        <d:group label="Community">
          <d:link url="" label="Wiki docs"/>
---       <d:doc id="1172" nodeId="community/members.html" label="Members"/>
---       <d:doc id="1177" nodeId="community/contrib.html" label="Contributing"/>
---       <d:doc id="1196" nodeId="community/committer.html" label="Committer Tips"/>
---       <d:doc id="1175" nodeId="community/mail-lists.html" label=" Mail Lists"/>
---       <d:doc id="1171" nodeId="community/mail-archives.html" label="Mail Archives"/>
+++       <d:doc id="1172" nodeId="community/members" label="Members"/>
+++       <d:doc id="1177" nodeId="community/contrib" label="Contributing"/>
+++       <d:doc id="1196" nodeId="community/committer" label="Committer Tips"/>
+++       <d:doc id="1175" nodeId="community/mail-lists" label=" Mail Lists"/>
+++       <d:doc id="1171" nodeId="community/mail-archives" label="Mail Archives"/>
        <d:group label="Links">
---       <d:doc id="1174" nodeId="link/index.html" label="Links Overview"/>
+++       <d:doc id="1174" nodeId="link/index" label="Links Overview"/>
          <d:group label="External Resources">
---         <d:doc id="1182" nodeId="link/books.html" label="Books"/>
---         <d:doc id="1183" nodeId="link/in-the-press.html" label="Articles"/>
---         <d:doc id="1184" nodeId="link/tip-guides.html" label="Tips and Guides"/>
---         <d:doc id="1185" nodeId="link/training.html" label="Training"/>
+++         <d:doc id="1182" nodeId="link/books" label="Books"/>
+++         <d:doc id="1183" nodeId="link/in-the-press" label="Articles"/>
+++         <d:doc id="1184" nodeId="link/tip-guides" label="Tips and Guides"/>
+++         <d:doc id="1185" nodeId="link/training" label="Training"/>
          <d:group label="Live Sites">
---         <d:doc id="1186" nodeId="link/livesites-1.x.html" label="Cocoon 1.x"/>
---         <d:doc id="1187" nodeId="link/livesites-2.0.html" label="Cocoon 2.0"/>
---         <d:doc id="695" nodeId="link/livesites-2.1.html" label="Cocoon 2.1"/>
+++         <d:doc id="1186" nodeId="link/livesites-1.x" label="Cocoon 1.x"/>
+++         <d:doc id="1187" nodeId="link/livesites-2.0" label="Cocoon 2.0"/>
+++         <d:doc id="695" nodeId="link/livesites-2.1" label="Cocoon 2.1"/>
          <d:group label="External Sites">
---         <d:doc id="1188" nodeId="link/sites.html" label="Info Sites"/>
---         <d:doc id="1189" nodeId="link/projects.html" label="Projects"/>
---         <d:doc id="1190" nodeId="link/hosting.html" label="Cocoon Hosting"/>
+++         <d:doc id="1188" nodeId="link/sites" label="Info Sites"/>
+++         <d:doc id="1189" nodeId="link/projects" label="Projects"/>
+++         <d:doc id="1190" nodeId="link/hosting" label="Cocoon Hosting"/>
          <d:group label="Related Topics">
---         <d:doc id="1191" nodeId="link/xml.html" label="XML"/>
---         <d:doc id="1192" nodeId="link/xsl.html" label="XSL/XSLT"/>
---         <d:doc id="1193" nodeId="link/dtd-schema.html" label="DTD/Schema"/>
+++         <d:doc id="1191" nodeId="link/xml" label="XML"/>
+++         <d:doc id="1192" nodeId="link/xsl" label="XSL/XSLT"/>
+++         <d:doc id="1193" nodeId="link/dtd-schema" label="DTD/Schema"/>
          <d:group label="Developer Infos">
---         <d:doc id="1194" nodeId="devinfo/index.html" label="Overview"/>
---         <d:doc id="1195" nodeId="devinfo/releasing.html" label="Releasing"/>
+++         <d:doc id="1194" nodeId="devinfo/index" label="Overview"/>
+++         <d:doc id="1195" nodeId="devinfo/releasing" label="Releasing"/>
(4 equal lines skipped)

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