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Subject [DAISY] Created: Books about Cocoon
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 12:30:14 GMT
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<h1>Books about Cocoon</h1>

<p>These are books about Cocoon, Version 2.x, which are already available or

<li><a href="">Cocoon 2 und
Tomcat</a> (Stephan Niedermeier)<br/>
<strong>Availability:</strong> April 2004<br/>
<strong>Hardcover:</strong> 900 pages, CD-ROM<br/>
<strong>Publisher:</strong> Galileo Computing / Galileo Press<br/>
<strong>ISBN:</strong> 3898424391<br/>
Please note that you can download several free chapters and order the book at
the <a href="">Galileo Computing
web site</a>.</li>
<li><a href="">Cocoon 2
Programming: Web Publishing with XML and Java</a> (Bill Brogden, Conrad D'Cruz,
Mark Gaither)<br/>
<strong>Availability:</strong> October 2002<br/>
<strong>Paperback:</strong> 368 pages<br/>
<strong>Publisher:</strong> Sybex<br/>
<strong>ISBN:</strong> 0782141315</li>
<li><a href="">Cocoon
Developer's Handbook</a> (Jeremy Aston, Lajos Moczar)<br/>
<strong>Availability:</strong> September 2002<br/>
<strong>Paperback:</strong> 500 pages<br/>
<strong>Publisher:</strong> Sams<br/>
<strong>ISBN:</strong> 0672322579</li>
<a href="{C3C05052-BE3B-4E06-A60A-13FB40AF58F6}">Cocoon:
Building XML Applications</a> (Carsten Ziegeler, Matthew Langham)<br/>
<strong>Availability:</strong> July 2002<br/>
<strong>Paperback:</strong> 504 pages<br/>
<strong>Publisher:</strong> New Riders Publishing<br/>
<strong>ISBN:</strong> 0735712352<br/>
Please note that you can download several
<a href="{C3C05052-BE3B-4E06-A60A-13FB40AF58F6}">free
chapters</a> at the New Riders web site. You can also download
<a href="">chapter 1 (An
Introduction to Internet Applications)</a> and
<a href="">chapter 6 (A
User's Look at the Cocoon Architecture)</a> from the S&amp;N website.</li>

<h1>How to get listed</h1>

<p>If you do not find your book here, make sure you
<a href=" Book:">tell us</a>. Enter
the title after the words "Link: Book:" in the subject, and provide a short
summary of your book. Do not forget to tell us the URL if possible (preferably
direct to the publisher, rather than any particular bookshop). You could also
follow the <a href="daisy:1177">Contributing</a> page to make it easier for


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