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From Mark Lundquist <>
Subject "last" version?
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 22:23:37 GMT


I am contributing with edits made using the "doc-editors" role (i.e., I
know that my changes don't get published live when I save them, even if
the "publish immediately" box is checked).  But still there is something
I don't understand...

After I save my edits, I'm returned to the document page, annotated with

WARNING: you are looking at the live version of this document, which is
currently not the last version.

If I then click on the "last version" link, the version displayed shows

WARNING: you are not looking at the live version but at the last version.

_However_... it still looks just like the live version to me, it doesn't
have my changes.  If I go here:

...then I see Version 5 as the version containing my changes.  If I
click on the link to view version 5, it shows with the note claiming it
to be the "last version", as before, and it is missing my changes.

But in the versions listing I can click on the diffs and see my changes.

If I edit the page, the version that comes up in the editor includes my

Is this a bug?

best regards,

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