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Subject [DAISY] Created: The Cocoon Community
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2006 15:02:05 GMT
A new document has been created.

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Name: The Cocoon Community
Document Type: Cocoon Document
Created: 7/31/06 3:01:46 PM
Creator (owner): Helma van der Linden
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<h1>Who we are</h1>

<p>The Apache Cocoon Project operates on a meritocracy: the more you do, the
more responsibility you will obtain. This page lists all of the people who have
gone the extra mile and are Committers. If you would like to get involved, the
first step is to join the mailing lists.</p>

<p>We ask that you please do not send us emails privately asking for support. We
are non-paid volunteers who help out with the project and we do not necessarily
have the time or energy to help people on an individual basis. Instead, we have
setup mailing lists which often contain hundreds of individuals who will help
answer detailed requests for help. The benefit of using mailing lists over
private communication is that it is a shared resource where others can also
learn from common mistakes and as a community we all grow together.</p>

<h1>The Community</h1>

<p>This list contains all past and present committers on the various Cocoon
projects in strict alphabetical order. For details of contributors to a specific
version of Cocoon, see the relevant version pages (e.g.
<a href="daisy:630">2.1</a>).</p>

<li>Zvi Avraham (</li>
<li>Donald Ball (</li>
<li>Nicola Ken Barozzi (</li>
<li>Brian Behlendorf (</li>
<li>Ross Burton (</li>
<li>Mark Butler (</li>
<li>Guido Casper (</li>
<li>Ugo Cei (</li>
<li>Steven Coffman (</li>
<li>Tony Collen (</li>
<li>Marcus Crafter (</li>
<li>David Crossley (</li>
<li>Torsten Curdt (</li>
<li>Bertrand Delacrétaz (</li>
<li>Peter Donald (</li>
<li>Bruno Dumon (</li>
<li>Daniel Fagerström (</li>
<li>Gerhard Froehlich (</li>
<li>Pier Fumagalli (</li>
<li>Antonio Gallardo (</li>
<li>Leszek Gawron (</li>
<li>Ralph Goers (</li>
<li>Robin Green (</li>
<li>Vadim Gritsenko (</li>
<li>Christian Haul (</li>
<li>Jörg Heinicke (</li>
<li>Unico Hommes (</li>
<li>Geoff Howard (</li>
<li>Bernhard Huber (</li>
<li>Ivelin Ivanov (</li>
<li>Matthew Langham (</li>
<li>Tim Larson (</li>
<li>Ben Laurie (</li>
<li>Berin Loritsch (</li>
<li>Martin Man (</li>
<li>Stefano Mazzocchi (</li>
<li>Brett McLaughlin (</li>
<li>Michael Melhem (</li>
<li>Stephan Michels (</li>
<li>John Morrison (</li>
<li>Steven Noels (</li>
<li>Christopher Oliver (</li>
<li>Giacomo Pati (</li>
<li>Konstantin Piroumian (</li>
<li>Marc Portier (</li>
<li>Reinhard Pötz(</li>
<li>Ovidiu Predescu (</li>
<li>Jeremy Quinn (</li>
<li>Gianugo Rabellino (</li>
<li>Ricardo Rocha (</li>
<li>Peter Royal (</li>
<li>Sam Ruby (</li>
<li>Paul Russell (</li>
<li>Sebastien Sahuc (</li>
<li>Andrew Savory (</li>
<li>Diana Shannon (</li>
<li>Davanum Srinivas (</li>
<li>Jeff Turner (</li>
<li>Upayavira (</li>
<li>Sylvain Wallez (</li>
<li>Carsten Ziegeler (</li>


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