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Subject [DAISY] Updated: Configuration
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 15:04:39 GMT
A document has been updated:

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Name: Configuration (unchanged)
Document Type: Cocoon Document (unchanged)
Updated on: 6/27/06 3:04:30 PM
Updated by: Carsten Ziegeler

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    <p>You can then refer to the values of a property by using the common
    ${PROPERTY_NAME} syntax in your configuration file or sitemap.</p>
--- <h1>Running modes</h1>
+++ <h2>Running modes</h2>
    <p>Cocoon extends the property based configuration mechanism by "running
    modes". You define a running mode when you start Cocoon (default is "dev"). The
(18 equal lines skipped)
    directory underneath the properties directory and set the running mode to
    "myenv" etc.</p>
--- <h1>Properties and Sitemaps</h1>
+++ <h2>Properties and Sitemaps</h2>
    <p>As explained above, you can simply refer to a value of a property within a
    sitemap. In addition a sitemap can have a set of own properties which are only
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    <p>By default each sitemap tries to read properties from within the directory
    the sitemap is in, looking into these two directories: "config/properties" and
    "config/properties/${RUNNING_MODE}. If you don't want to use these default
--- locations, you can specify the attribute "" with a value of "false" at the
+++ locations, you can specify the attribute "use-default-include" with a value of
+++ "false" at the map:components element in the sitemap.</p>
+++ <p>You can specify your own property directory where all property files are read
+++ from by using the attribute "property-dir" with the directory location at the
    map:components element in the sitemap.</p>
--- <h1>Properties and Java Code</h1>
+++ <p>If you don't want that Cocoon tries to replace strings containing a property
+++ reference in your sitemap, you can set the attribute "replace-properties" with
+++ the value "false" at the map:components element in the sitemap.</p>
+++ <p>Please note, that you can't use properties to define the values for the
+++ attributes on the map:components element. This means that the possible values
+++ for "use-default-include", "property-dir" and "replace-properties" are
+++ hard-coded values which can't be changed using properties.</p>
+++ <h2>Properties and Java Code</h2>
    <p>If you need access to the defined properties within your Java code, just
    lookup the Settings bean. This bean provides access to all available properties.
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