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Subject [DAISY] Created: Block: Cocoon Forms (Navigation)
Date Fri, 12 May 2006 14:39:45 GMT
A new document has been created.

Document ID: 1152
Branch: main
Language: default
Name: Block: Cocoon Forms (Navigation)
Document Type: Navigation
Created: 5/12/06 2:39:21 PM
Creator (owner): Reinhard Pötz
State: publish


Navigation Description
Mime type: text/xml
Size: 1491 bytes
<d:navigationTree xmlns:d="">
  <d:group id="forms" label="Forms">
    <d:group id="basics" label="Basics">
      <d:doc id="489" label="Introduction"/>
      <d:doc id="478" label="Sample"/>
      <d:doc id="752" label="Improving the sample"/>
    <d:group id="widgets" label="Widgets">
      <d:query q="select name where $CocoonComponentReference = 'FormsWidget' order by
    <d:group id="concepts" label="Widget concepts">
      <d:doc id="484" label="Validation"/>
      <d:doc id="479" label="Event Handling"/>
      <d:doc id="487" label="Datatypes"/>
      <d:doc id="753" label="Selection lists"/>
      <d:doc id="733" label="Widget States"/>
    <d:group label="Form publishing">
      <d:doc id="755" label="Templating">
        <d:doc id="480" label="Template Generator"/>
        <d:doc id="475" label="Template transformer"/>
      <d:doc id="476" label="Generator"/>
      <d:doc id="485" label="XSLT"/>
      <d:doc id="1147" label="CSS"/>
    <d:group id="binding" label="Binding">
      <d:doc id="488" label="Binding Framework"/>
      <d:doc id="743" label="Simple XML Binding"/>
    <d:group id="api" label="API">
      <d:doc id="498" label="Java API"/>
      <d:doc id="491" label="Javascript API"/>
    <d:doc id="685" label="Form libraries"/>
    <d:doc id="750" label="Ajax"/>

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