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Subject [DAISY] Comment added to EncodeURL Transformer
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2006 16:00:12 GMT
A comment has been created.

Document ID: 449
Name: EncodeURL Transformer
Branch: main
Language: default

Created by: Lars Huttar
Created on: 4/18/06 3:59:48 PM
Visibility: public

"The encodeURL transformer emits encoded URLs. This transformer applies encodeURL method to
URLs. You may want to use this transform to avoid doing the manually encodeURL() call."

Aaargghh! Sorry to be negative, but this is so typical of the frustrating state of Cocoon
documentation. If you already know what encodeURL does, you're fine. If you don't, this documentation
is useless.

To me, "encoded URLs" sounds like you're escaping spaces as %20 and so on. Then at the bottom
of the page it says something about sessions that clues me in that it may be adding information
to the URLs to track the current session. I only happen to catch that because I recently read
another page about sessions,

Suggested fix: in the first paragraph, explain briefly what is meant by "encode URLs". A link
to documentation on the encodeURL() method would be helpful. (I did a search for it but didn't
find an explanation.) If the EncodeURL Transformer adds something to the end of a URL to track
the session, please say so in the first paragraph, so that the general purpose of this component
is clear. Then a developer can have a context for evaluating whether this is a component they
need to use.

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