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Subject [DAISY] DocumentTypeCreated
Date Sat, 18 Mar 2006 19:15:27 GMT
The formatting of a nice message for this event hasn't been implemented yet, so I'll just put
an XML dump of the event here.

<ns:documentTypeCreated xmlns:ns="">
    <ns:documentType name="SitemapComponent" deprecated="false" updateCount="1" lastModified="2006-03-18T19:05:40.219Z"
lastModifier="123" id="12">
        <ns:label locale="">Sitemap Component</ns:label>
        <ns:description locale="">Use this document type for reference documentation
about a sitemap component (matcher, generator, ...). These documents are automatically created
from the Java sources by the "sitemaptags2daisy" tool.</ns:description>
        <ns:partTypeUse partTypeId="17" required="false"/>
        <ns:partTypeUse partTypeId="18" required="false"/>
        <ns:fieldTypeUse fieldTypeId="25" required="true"/>
        <ns:fieldTypeUse fieldTypeId="18" required="true"/>
        <ns:fieldTypeUse fieldTypeId="20" required="true"/>
        <ns:fieldTypeUse fieldTypeId="17" required="false"/>
        <ns:fieldTypeUse fieldTypeId="24" required="false"/>
        <ns:fieldTypeUse fieldTypeId="22" required="false"/>
        <ns:fieldTypeUse fieldTypeId="23" required="false"/>

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